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Administration Department
Administration Department04.16.2019

Bid Notice - Priority Notice


The Town of Northwood is looking for bids to Grind ,reclaimed, paving, Sherbourne Hill rd. Northwood approx. 3,500ft x 22ft,with 2.5 winter binder. Including culvert, ditching, and possible under drain included.

Traffic signs ,flaggers and or Police detail will be the responsibility of the contractor.

AC clause will be included .

Also the Town of Northwood will be looking for bids for culvert replacement and ditching for the Ridge Rd and Harvey Lake Rd Northwood. Areas dug will need to be paved to existing grade with a 2.5 winter base.

Traffic signs, flaggers or Police detail will be the responsibility of the contractor.

Any interested contractor please notify the Town of Northwood Administrator or Road Agent to set up a walk down by May 7th 2019.

Distances are approximates and details of said areas are subject to change.

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Administration Department
Administration Department04.11.2019

Town Offices closing on Fridays - Priority Notice

Beginning April 19, all Town offices will be closed to the public on FRIDAY only. This will allow staff to operate more efficiently and without interruptions. If you have any questions, please contact the Town Administrator at (603) 942-5586 ex. 204 or email . Thank you, and we look forward to serving you Monday through Thursdayread more

Administration Department
Administration Department02.28.2019

Town Report Printing Error

There was an error made in the printing of the town report in the section of the town warrant.  Copies of the correct warrant is being printed and will be available to anyone who has already received a copy of the report. The addendum will be added to the reports not yet distributed.  The more

Administration Department
Administration Department02.19.2019

Municipal Secretary

Municipal Secretary position for Town of Northwoodread more

Administration Department
Administration Department09.07.2018

Selectmen forming Safety Complex Building Committee

Consider contributing to your community by volunteeringread more