Planning Board

Planning Board

Planning Board

Meeting Location: Meeting Date: Thu, Jun 27 2019 at 06:30pm

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June 13, 2019




Ledgewood Realty Trust/Millstone Realty Trust, 1090 First NH Turnpike. Map 211 Lots 2, 14, 15, 16, 17; Map 217 Lots 34, 35, 36. Applicant seeks a Minor Site Plan Review and is proposing an expansion of and existing gravel pit/quarry


CASE: 18-20 168 Granite Street Properties, LLC. First NH Turnpike, and Old Turnpike Road, Map 108 Lot 102. Applicant seeks to create a Major Subdivision of 16 lots with a looped roadway of 2353’ in length.


CASE 19-6: Joseph Carter/Fatherland Family Trust. First NH Turnpike and Harmony Hill Road. Map 222 Lot 54. Applicant proposes a minor site plan review to build a miniature golf course and refreshment service.  


CASE 19-9: 201 Highland LLC, 625 First NH Turnpike Map 222 Lot 29. Applicant proposes to subdivide 6.91 acres into two lots, creating one 2.03-acre lot and one 4.88-acre lot. 



Case 19-10 Victor and Michelle May, William and Renee Wormell, 346 First NH Turnpike and 124 Green Street. Map 230 Lots 9,13,14 Applicant proposes to adjust the lot lines between Map 230/9 to 6.73 acres with no frontage change, 230/13 to 40 acres with 150 feet of frontage on Green Street and adjust 230/14 to 23.42 acres with 247.52 feet of frontage on Green Street.


Case 19-11 Richard and Ruth Norcross, Gulf Road Map 117 Lot 1. Applicant proposes to subdivide 17.7 acres into 5 lots, creating 5 single family lots.


Case 19-12 Michael Sullivan 8 Bow Lake Road Map 222 Lot 61. Applicant is proposing to build a drive thru and walk up coffee shop on a lot that has an existing seasonal green house and single-family home that will have an office.


Case 19-13 Public Hearing for the Village at Mead Field Condominium Association Governing Document Amendment. 


Case 19-14 Gina Hodgdon (Roman Catholic Church, owner) 844 First NH Turnpike Map 222 Lot 62. Applicant is requesting a minimal impact review and is proposing the following:  The usage of the parish hall for a state licensed pre-school program


Case 19-15 Mountain View Development. Route 4 and Bow Street Map 230 Lot 82. Applicant proposes to subdivide a 45.6-acre lot into 4 residential lots and 1 multi-family lot consisting of an existing manufactured home park on First NH Turnpike.







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Case 17-10 J&M Plunkett                                   Map 231 Lots 78&79

Case 18-19 Nouria Energy                                  Map 234 Lot 52