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Trustee of the Trust Fund Joint Board meeting

Trustee of Trust Funds

Meeting Location: Meeting Date: Wed, Oct 09 2019 at 05:30pm

Attached Meeting Minutes

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The Northwood Trustees of Trust Fund will have a joint meeting with the
Nottingham Trustee of Trust Funds and the NH Attorney General's Charitable
Trust division to discuss the language of the Fernald Fund and the 1955 Will that
created the Funds in Northwood and Nottingham.

1. Discuss the language of the 1955 Will and determine if the language is
2. Determine if the Town of Northwood Trustee of Trust Funds (TTF) can still
execute the terms of the Trust Fund
3. If the TTF cannot execute, then how could the “if the Town can not
execute” clause in the Trust Fund be executed.
4. How and where can any legal issues be resolved?
5. Will the two Towns work together to solve any issues identified?