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Trustee of the Trust Fund Meeting

Trustee of Trust Funds

Meeting Location: Meeting Date: Wed, Oct 30 2019 at 06:30pm

Attached Meeting Minutes

Northwood Trustee of Trust Funds

October 30, 2019




  1. Approval of Q2 Minutes
  2. Conversation with Town Administrator / Finance Director
    • -locked 4 drawer file cabinet
    • -how to write out a check
    • -required paperwork for
    •      Warrant Articles from unreserved fund balances
    •       Warrant Articles from taxation
    • -cemetery perpetual care documentation
    • Cemetery ETF documentation
  3. Approval of Joint meeting with Nottingham
  4. Request for Funds – Library – A&A Caswell Fund (Jim)
  5. Deposit of Wells Fargo Funds and Distribution in TD Bank (Peter)
  6. Cemetery Payments (Betsy)
  7. Cemetery Perpetual Care money from Town (Betsy)
  8. Update of Fidelity Funds (Jim)
  9. Update of 2018 Audit (Pete)
  10. Discussion about Investment Policy Draft and Approval (Jim)
  11. Discussion about TTF Manual and Approval (Jim)