Transfer Station Advisory Committee


Transfer Station Advisory Committee

Posted Wed, Oct 23 at 01:05pm

The Northwood Transfer Station has had mandatory recycling since 2002. This year with the increase in usage and costs at the facility, we will be strictly enforcing the recycling rules. Please sort your recyclables at home and place in proper area.

As you know, we have temporarily suspended our plastic program. All plastic goes in with household trash until we find a cost efficient and acceptable plastic recycling program for our facility.

Also remember our facility is for household use only, no trash generated from a business will be accepted. This rule has been in place for years and will also be strictly enforced.

We will be updating our brochures, so please pick one up at the town hall or swap shop.

Please remember the attendants work hard. They are following rules you, as taxpayers, put in place, their word is the final word. Respect the rules, they apply to everyone.

The cost to dispose of our trash continues to rise. We need to do all we can to keep costs down. We will keep searching for ways to better deal with this situation, but you must help.

“if we sort our trash, it saves us cash”

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